Add and Format Your Text with Ease

Add Text

Mockup allows you to add text for a remarkable end result, whether you want to take notes, write down your commentaries, or add some annotations and remarks. It is even the case if the text is actually a part of the sketch, or literally if it’s the case of mere bad handwriting.

There are multiple ways you can add text through:

  • Add text by tapping on “text” in the library.
  • Drag text into the canvas from any app to insert it.
  • You can paste text from other apps inside the canvas.

A single tap on the desired text allows you to edit it. You can use the lasso tool to resize and move the text box.

Text Edit

Select the text you want to edit. The “Text Properties” of the style sidebar allows you to customize the attributes of the text.

You can change the font, size, styles (Bold, Italic, Underlined), and alignment (left, centered, right, justified).