Adding elements

I have a series of images, icons and photos that I would like to add as “elements” for usage in my prototype.

What file formats are supported for element import?


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@hasan can you please answer this?

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Welcome to Mockup Community!!

So far regarding elements, you can’t import images, icons, photos, etc. to the element panel. Up to this point, you create your own element within the app itself and save it for later use. More about it here.

Regarding downloading elements from the community, the elements are files existing in the Element Category in the Mockup community. To download just click on the desired element.

To clear it a bit, the elements found in the category linked are ones shared by the users among each other within the community.

We’d like to note that in an upcoming update, an “Elements Set” that contains diverse elements, that a user could benefit from and use, will be available at your hands.

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