Adding Symbol Changing when Selected Symbol

When applied a symbol on the design, it’s kinda extra to re-do the whole process of customising it when it comes to adding another one, would be great if the symbol themselves have a selection option that allows us to change (after we duplicated the same symbol) & remain same style applied

Besides the replace button does nothing…
and the rendering is a bit confusing & extra:
(1) it doesn’t do anything on some types of icons
(2) if it’s a mock up software, the rendering wouldn’t be that useful since it should be simple

But not sure if there are other’s who finds it useful.

Size-wise it’s also kind of weird, somehow resizing it in canvas doesn’t change the size, and if the size value is changed, it won’t show if the size on canvas is small than the icon, so there is an extra step needed for “designers…” to resize the size on canvas again…

Hopefully the feedback would be useful, cuz the Symbol feature is so good yet it has potential to be even better & speed up designers’ work

We will go over each section of the Symbol input you thoroughly explained for us.

  1. When it comes to the replace button, symbols can be changed using the replace option.
    It appears that it does not work on devices running prior to iPadOS16. We will investigate and ship a fix. However, we highly recommend and strongly advise you to update to iPadOS16.

  2. We understand the point you’re coming from, but we’ve included all of the available options. It is entirely up to the user.

  3. With respect to the symbol sizing, it is similar to changing text size. Current approach works better when grouping with other elements. But we’ll see what can be done.

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your time spent writing this as your input helps us makes the app better.