Can‘t export my file at all

Summary: whenever clicking on export the program freezes. No Preview is shown nor can I choose a export option e.g. Mail.

What I did: clicked on export icon; select png, select canvas, clicked button Export png. Changing the export settings did not influence the outcome.

What happened: screen freezes, when the sleep Modus of the iPad kicks in the program is closed or the export button is again active. When clicked again the same behavior as describes reoccurs.

What I expected: after a small loading time: get my export options to share my sketches.

Mockup version:

Device type:iPad pro 2020

OS version:16.2

Other notes:

Hello @Marina_Maier !

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues when exporting your sketches.

Have you tried turning off the “High Quality” option?

In some cases export may fail due to memory limitations, particularly if the sketch is large. Try disabling this option and exporting again. If the issue persists, let us know.