Canvases ordering

Hello everybody,
an improvement I really would like to see on this app is the chance to change the order of my canvases inside a project.

I downloaded Mockup to sketch the workflow and the interfaces of an app. There are a lot of canvases and two or three times I forgot to sketch something, forcing me to duplicate the canvases to “make room” for the one I left.

Thank you!

Welcome to Mockup Community!!
Regarding your suggestion about changing the order of the canvases inside a project, instead of duplicating you can actually use switch frames inside the same sketch. This option is found in the quick actions. To switch two frames:

  • Open the quick actions menu for your frame.
  • Choose the frame option.
  • Tap on the frame to switch with. Redirection occurs and the action is completed.

For more info, you can check details through the link.