Check & Switch


Many of you contacted me asking for these elements, so here they are:

Check (off).mckpe (41.4 KB)

Check (on).mckpe (160.2 KB)

Switch (off).mckpe (115.4 KB)

Switch (on).mckpe (118.9 KB)



May I know where can I find more elements?

Hello Chuen Chee Lai! Welcome to the community!

We’re working on providing more elements. In the meantime, you can create your own elements.

I can’t download any file here

Hello Serge,

Are you still experiencing this problem? The files are really small and should be downloaded quickly.

Hi Is the download working in iPad Pro too?
Thanks !

Welcome to Mockup Community!

Yes, the download is applicable for iPad Pro. You can import the downloaded elements into any set you created in the element panel. More about the elements here.

We would like to inquire if you’re experiencing any problem with that?