Create Your First Sketch

Create Project

  1. Tap on the (+) button.
  2. Enter the project title.
  3. Assign a color to it.
  4. Hit the “CREATE” button.

The project is added to the “My Projects” menu. You can view its name, the color assigned to it, and the number of sketches it possesses. 12 colors are available.

Create Sketch

The project is a work in progress once sketches are initiated.

  1. Open the Project and tap on the (+) button on the top-right corner.
  2. Choose a template.

There are various categories: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Web, Mac, Android, Widgets, App Icon, and Blank template.
Within those categories, more than 35 diverse templates are available. Each has its own size and characteristics. Some have the landscape/portrait feature.

Once the template is chosen, sketching process starts.

Expand Canvas

The sketch starts with 1 frame. To add up frames horizontally, swipe to the left. An arrow (->) will appear. Swiping will be held until a (+) appears.

Expand Canvas

Once the (+) pops up, release your finger. A frame adjoins the former one.
Adding up frames vertically is obtainable as well. Perform the same process by swiping upward instead to the left.

Note that the sketches are affixed an entire row or column and that leads to the expansion of the canvas.


I’m using a macbook air and I don’t see this at all. All I see is this:

Is there a keyboard shortcut I can try? Please help…


As the app description on the App Store states, the Mac app is view-only. You can create sketches on your iPhone or iPad, and view/export them on your Mac.

Hi. How to delete one screen from my template?

How i can add text to layout?

Welcome to Mockup Community!!

Adding text to layout or text insertion is not available at the moment. Currently only handwriting applies.

Regarding your question about deleting screen from template, the unused frames are dismissed when sketch is closed.

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