Edit buttons & Layering

It would be great edit buttons’ names or just have a blank button in the library that doesn’t say “label”. I haven’t made my own yet but I’ll try to import.

Is there a way to layer bring to front back etc ?

Welcome to the Mockup Community!

The layering system, bringing to the front or sending back, will be included in the upcoming Mockup update.
In terms of editing buttons’ names, what you can do is ungroup the button, delete the label, select the button, then choose add to library.
A new dialog with a preview of the element to be saved appears. Name the element and select the set to which it will be added to. Tap on save.

Hey @Joshua_OKain,
We have added a layering system, as of Mockup 3.4, with the arrange options.

You can now, from the edit menu, reorder and arrange objects like elements, text, images, and symbols using the Bring Forward, Bring to Front, Send Backward, and Send to Back options.