Edit menu

The edit menu contains the following options: cut, copy, and paste options, duplicate, group/ungroup, add to library, arrange options, and delete respectively.

Pasteboard Support- Cut, Copy, Paste

You can cut or copy any selection from the canvas and paste it anywhere in the canvas into the same sketch or a different one.

It is also possible to copy text, images, and drawings to other apps, and to paste text, images, and drawings from other apps into the canvas.

The same can be done with drawings for apps that are powered by PencilKit, like Notes.

If multiple objects are selected, the selection is copied as a single image.


It comes in handy in situations where repeating the selection is advantageous.

Group / Ungroup

You can group multiple objects together into one object to accomplish a certain task whether to duplicate, move, resize, and so on. In the same manner, you can ungroup them into multiple objects again.

If the selection includes strokes, they will become part of the grouped object and be removed from the drawing. After being ungrouped, the strokes will be reinstated in the drawing.

Convert to objects

Mockup allows you to convert drawings to objects that you can then easily arrange and manage.

To convert drawings to objects:

  1. Select a part of the drawing (a stroke or multiple strokes).
  2. Choose “Convert to Object”.

The strokes will be removed from the drawing layer and added behind, as an object.

You can then arrange this object just like other objects and, if needed, convert it back to strokes to be part of the drawing again.

Add to Library

Add your selection to the elements library. It is discussed in “Creating Elements”.

Arrange Options

You can reorganize and arrange objects like elements, text, images, and symbols with Bring Forward, Bring to Front, Send Backward, and Send to Back options.

For strokes, being front by default, you can use the Send to Back option to move them to the back of the drawing.

The drawing layer is always in front of all other objects. If you want to arrange any part of the drawing behind other objects (such as text), you must convert the desired strokes into an object first.


To delete the selection.