If a certain element is needed throughout the whole process of design and application usage without constantly assembling it or duplicating it then “ELEMENT” comes to aid.

Mockup opens up with a built-in Element Panel. It contains 28 fixed pre-existing elements by default in the Mockup element set, allowing quick access and a smooth sketching experience.

The element panel can be placed either to the left or the right side of the screen.

The buttons on the top of the element panel, from left to right respectively, are as follows:

  • Mockup Community: Redirects the user to the elements section on the community website.
  • Import Set: Allows importing an existing element set file.
  • Create Set: Adds a new element set with the name of your choice.

To view what each set includes, tap on the set to expand and the elements allotted to it will come into view.

How to Create an Element

To create an element:

  1. Draw out your element.
  2. Tap on the (+) button in the desired element set in the element panel.
  3. Select your element.
  4. Name the element and hit save.

It is automatically added to the set.

Once it is saved in the element library, it can be inserted anywhere anytime.

How to Insert an Element

To insert an element;

  1. Drag the specific element from the element panel.
  2. Drop it where desired on the canvas.

Once the element is inserted, you can set the size and position. Once done, it automatically becomes part of the drawing.

Therefore, you can work in the drawing tools in this case and use them to further resume with your sketch. As per said, the eraser can be utilized to delete, lasso tool to move, change the color of the predefined element according to your own preference, delete, and so on.

Resize Elements

Resizing an element comes in handy in many different sketching scenarios. Resizing becomes possible once the element is inserted.

To preserve the ratio, resize the element from the corner.

You can’t resize the same element again once it is finalized. You have to delete it and redo the steps above anew.

Rename / Delete

Tap and hold on the desired element. The options Rename and Delete hence will appear to you. Same thing for Renaming and deleting sets.

Export / Import an Element


Exporting an element or a complete set can be done through:

  • Tap and hold the desired element/set then tap Export.


Importing an element can be done through:

  • To import an element set, tap on the plus button on the top of the elements panel and choose “Import Set”. Alternatively, you can open the element set file from the Files app.
  • To import a single element, tap on the plus button in the desired set, then choose “Import Element”. Or, you can open the element file from the Files app and choose the desired set.


You can manage your elements from the preferences.