Export your sketch

To export a sketch:

  1. Tap on the export button found on the top-right.
  2. Pick the format and area of your preference.
  3. Tap Export.

Export Formats

  1. PDF: Export a single PDF file.

  2. PNG: Individual png files for each frame.

    Single Image Option: Export your whole sketch in a single png.

  3. Mockup: Export a Mockup file that can be shared with other Mockup users or imported again to the app.

Export Area

  1. Auto: Automatically selects the used area. The empty frames are not considered.
  2. Screen: Select the visible devices only. Zoom to have only the desired frames visible to get exported.
  3. Canvas: Exports the whole canvas.

High-Quality Export

A high-quality export option is available for better results. PDF or PNG files exported are of higher resolution.

You can disable it if the export fails or if you prefer a faster low-quality export.