Gesture Preferences

Gestures in the sidebar include: Finger Drawing, Draw & Hold, Canvas Rotation, and Tap Gestures.

Finger Drawing

By default on iPad, the drawing is handled by the Apple Pencil. In this case:

  • 1 finger is for scrolling
  • 2 fingers are for pinching (zoom into or out)

When it’s on:

  • 1 finger is for drawing
  • 2 fingers are for scrolling & pinching

Draw & Hold

Draw & Hold relates back to Shape Detection When enabled, draw the shape and hold your Apple Pencil in place for a few milliseconds.

Draw & Hold is only available on iPad (Apple Pencil use).

Canvas Rotation

Canvas Lock

Canvas Lock is represented as seen in the images below. When this button is enabled, the canvas is locked and any accidental panning or zooming is disabled.


When canvas rotation is enabled, it also serves as a rotation indicator.

When enabled, the compass at the left bottom indicates the rotation’s direction.

Rotate the canvas with two fingers.

You can reset it by either:

  • Tapping the reset on the compass.
  • Continue to rotate it until you reach the starting position.

Tap Gestures

Tap gestures encompasses: undo, redo, toggle views, and none.

According to your preference, you can assign the number of fingers to the feature.

By default,

  • 2 fingers are for undo.
  • 3 fingers are for redo.
  • 4 fingers are for toggle.