Is there a way to disable the ruler on iPad?

Summary: The ruler tool keeps errantly activating and appearing on my screen without provocation.

What I did: Not sure what is causing it to turn on. It comes on about every few minutes when I’m working on the iPad. Maybe there is a gesture or something setup to enable it via the presence of my hand on the screen?

What happened: It stays on until I disable it via the tool pallet icon.

What I expected: I don’t expect it to activate on its own like this. I would prefer to get rid of it entirely.

Mockup version: 3.4.3

Device type: iPad

OS version: 16.3.1

Other notes: It would be great if there’s some global setting to just deactivate it for the app. I don’t need it and it’s hugely disruptive to have to keep manually disabling it every time it comes on via the tool pallet in the UI. thanks

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Upon reviewing your inquiry, it is possible that you have set the Apple Pencil’s Double Tap Gesture to “toggle ruler”.
Can you check that for us?!

@amal yes you are correct! That setting indeed was on under “gestures” and likely the culprit. I have disabled it. Thanks very much for your help in sleuthing this.

We’re glad it worked!