Lock canvas in place?


What I did:

What happened: the canvas/template keeps moving how do you lock it in place?

What I expected:

Mockup version:

Device type:

OS version: iOS 16.2

Other notes:

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To lock the canvas, tap on the “lock” button found on the bottom left. When this button is enabled, the canvas is locked and any accidental panning or zooming is disabled.

the lock icon is not on the phone version, it’s present on the iPad though

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We understand that the canvas is moving unexpectedly. Can you please provide us with more details on when and how this is this happening? What actions are you trying to do? Is the canvas moving instead of the actions you’re trying to perform?

Contact us at support@apprime.studio to send us screenshots and screen recordings so we’d help you solve this issue faster.