Managing Projects and Sketches

Managing Your Projects

Creating a Project

  1. Tap on the “new” (+) button.
  2. Select New Project.
  3. Enter the project title.
  4. Assign a color to it.
  5. Tap the “Create” button.

Managing a Project

Mockup allows you to create projects within projects for better organization. You can move a project to another project.

Tap and hold on to a project to edit, move, or delete it.

You can change the color or name of the project once edit is tapped.

Managing Your Sketches

Tap and hold on to the sketch to open the context menu.


Create a copy of the sketch.


When you tap “Move” in the context menu, you can select a destination project. Alternatively, you can drag sketches into projects.

Export Mockup File

Export Mockup files to share them with other Mockup users or save them locally. For more export options, see Export.

Bulk Editing for Projects and Sketches

Mockup allows you to bulk edit through multiple selections of projects and sketches for an easier project and sketch management.

  • To select projects and sketches, tap and drag with two fingers, or click and drag with a mouse over the desired items.
  • Tap and hold the selection, or perform a secondary mouse click on the selection, to bring up the context menu.
  • Alternatively, you can drag and drop the selected items.

Multiple Windows Support

Multiple windows are supported on iPad. It is applicable to open multiple windows and work on multiple sketches.

Import / Export Sketches (.mckp files)


There are two ways you can import your mockup files.

  • Drag Mockup Files from any app to import them.
  • Tap on the new (+) button and select the import option. Select the file to import.


Export Mockup files from the sketch’s context menu or from the Sidebar.


You can sort your projects by name, date, and ascending or descending options by tapping on the sort button in the top right corner.


Backups happen automatically in the background. You can change the backup interval from the backup screen. This is different and additional to iCloud sync (where all the data is synced on devices with the same iCloud account).

The purpose of the backup is to create a copy of the data that can be recovered in the event of a primary data failure.

You have control over the backup intervals as well as the option to turn them off. You can also specify the number of backups to keep (10 being the maximum).