Mockup 2.3 with a New Set of Elements, Resizing, and Filled Shapes

Salutations Mockup Fam!!

We’re back with a brand new GROUNDBREAKING update featuring user-requested facets!!

At the end of the day it’s the users and their feedbacks what keeps us going further with Mockup and set it on the evolving trail for smooth runs and productive workflows. And that’s just the beginning.


  • A lot of you have been asking for an “Element Set”. And this update is here to bring it to the table with 28 existing elements. With the new detailed default element panel and elements set, you can realize your visions smoothly.

    You can create your own elements or use the ones found by default in the application’s element panel. More on that in the element section on the Mockup’s Community Website .

  • Sketching filled shapes is now possible with the “Filled Shapes” option existing in the toolbar.
    A new feature has been added to facilitate the experience of drawing out those filled shapes you always wanted to have in your work of progress in the canvas.

  • Drawing Tools toggle on iPhone when finger drawing is disabled.
    As we know, finger drawing is what’s applicable on iPhone. Changing this setting, therefore, toggles the drawing tools.


  • Backup Process is unexacting.

  • Membership glitch is put to right.

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes are handled.

The current update handles the situation to perfection in addition to other minor improvements.

Our goal is to provide the best experience possible, and we gladly welcome your feedback. A review can brighten our day!