Mockup 2.4.1 with Bug Fixes

Hey Mockup Fam!!!

We are in the works for a massive major update, but for the time being, we’re bringing you this scaled-down update of Mockup.

Mockup 2.4.1 addresses and fine-tunes bug fixes for a more seamless desired user experience.

We’re working to provide the best experience possible, and we’d love to hear from you. A review can brighten our day!

Mockup 2.4

What up Mockup Fam!!

We’re back in a brisk with a new Mockup update!!


This time we’re setting forth something big. Yep, we’re introducing SharePlay Support to our app!

You can now brainstorm and share concepts together, with your colleagues or clients, by sketching collaboratively in a constructive environment over FaceTime.

Check out the SharePlay User Guide for more information.