Mockup 3.0.2 with Bug Fixes

This update contains bug fixes and minor improvements.

Mockup 3.0.1
This update contains bug fixes and minor improvements.

Mockup 3.0

Salutations Mockup Fam!!

The MAJOR update has finally arrived and is making its GRAND debut.

Introducing Mockup 3.0 with a brand new interface that covers all of your requests.

Completely redesigned from the ground up, this update includes:

  • New drawing tools picker with a compact design and better integration.
  • A sidebar comprising a library, view and gesture preferences, and export settings for a sustained work flow.
  • Image insertion, which allows you to browse through your files and import photos, screenshots, and visuals into your projects.
  • Text insertion for neatly incorporating your notes, sketch details, and annotations.
  • Mockup’s Lasso tool to move, resize, group & ungroup elements and more for a seamless control over your elements.
  • Enhanced shape detection as it accords snap to grid for a consistent look.
  • New layout for your projects and sketches home page
  • Creating sketches directly outside projects.

Mockup maintains the top features from previous updates, upraising the overall performance and promoting a smooth, exceptional sketching experience.

We strive to provide the best to our users and we highly appreciate your feedback. A review can make our day.