Mockup 3.3 with Desktop Class Features, Enhanced iPhone Experience, Style Sidebar, and more

Hello there, Mockup users.

Mockup is back with a brand new icon, a fresh color scheme, and an enhanced design that speak to Mockup’s identity and addresses it as a desktop-class iPad app.

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  • New templates for the iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and Apple Watch Ultra have been added.

  • A new set of 76 elements inspired by Apple Design Resources has been introduced.

  • Mockup adopts desktop-class enhancements with center items and title menu to optimize your sketching experience while using the app in accordance with iPadOS 16.

  • With the center items in the navigation bar, you can quickly insert text, images, symbols, and control the frames. The toolbar is customizable to your preference.

  • The title menu allows you to share a mockup file, duplicate, move, rename, or export any part of the sketching process.

  • Mockup’s latest update includes an enhanced iPhone experience with a new toolbar.

  • A new sidebar is present so you can customize your text and symbols. Select a text or a symbol for the style sidebar to appear.

  • Export your whole sketch in a single png.

  • Drag & drop text or images directly into the canvas from any app.

  • Upon starting a SharePlay session, you are asked for your name which will be shown next to the changes you make.

  • Multiple project and sketch selection is available for easier project and sketch management. Drag and drop your selections, move, or delete them as needed.

  • Multiple windows is supported on iPad. It is applicable to open multiple windows and work on multiple sketches.

  • A New Membership Model & Upgrade Screen are being set. You can now create an unlimited number of projects and sketches for free. And some features are marked premium. Check the description for full list of premium features.

  • The full experience of Mockup made its way to macOS.


  • The lasso tool has been upgraded and quick actions have been updated to provide a better user experience.
  • Text Editing became smoother.
  • Overall sketching experience is enhanced .

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