My file won’t open. It shuts down the app on every attempt

When I started a new file in my project folder, I tried going back into my previous file and it would shut down the app not allowing me to access my file.

What I did:
Tried to enter my file

What happened:
App keeps closing and shutting down

What I expected:
To enter my file

Mockup version:

Device type:
iPad Pro

OS version:

Other notes:

Welcome to the Mockup Community!

We are deeply sorry that this happened to you and that you experienced such inconvenience.
Thank you for reporting such a case to us; we will investigate it and check things on our side.

Our users are aware that we are dedicated to the highest level of professionalism which is why we’d like to learn more about your situation.

More information would be greatly appreciated. You can export the sketch and email it to us at so that we can solve it as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, you can check the backups for a recent working version.