Quick toggle for Day/Night view

Just starting to finally try Mockup — esp after the Mac app’s been released — I like the idea of sketches immediately being available on my Mac for use.

Anyway, a quick thought about exports — currently the images/PDFs generated follow the drawing view mode, i.e. dark or light.

Some might argue export look and view setting should be separated, so I don’t have to toggle view from dark to light before exporting for instance, but I’ll leave that as a separate discussions (it may be argued the current method is simpler than making colour an export setting — i.e. WYSIWYG export.)

Anyway, it could be nice to offer a faster (feeling?) toggle for dark/light mode — while it’s one tap and selection away on the “Settings” icon (which BTW actually looks like a dial to increment a value, not the traditional ‘gear’ icon) — it might be nice if I could tap-hold on that icon for a sec to manually toggle view modes. Or if that’s too hidden, it could be nice to bring the light/dark toggle out of that menu, into the top level UI somehow…?

For those preferring “auto switching” this behaviour could temporarily toggle to the opposite mode, either until I toggle back, or perhaps until the next “auto” event (i.e. until it the view would naturally toggle to day or night mode, based on time/location.)

Thanks for your work on this… interested where it might lead as a simple, lightweight, UX focussed app.

Welcome to Mockup Community!!
Thank you for your interest in Mockup app!!
Your detailed suggestion caught our attention and will definitely be taken into consideration as to see what’s possible during the work process!