SharePlay User Guide

SharePlay and Mockup

What is SharePlay?

SharePlay, is a powerful way for users to connect with each other.
It allows you to seamlessly share experiences with all participating users right inside FaceTime.

What does it add to Mockup?

With SharePlay, you can show your work, brainstorm and plan, and even sketch together with your colleagues or clients.
With that said, it maintains a top-notch sketching experience for members while never compromising on quality.

How to start SharePlay

It is absolutely necessary and highly required to have iOS 15.1, iPadOS 15.1 or later.

To further elaborate how things go:

  • Open the app while on a FaceTime call.
  • You’ll notice that the SharePlay icons are displayed.
  • When you open any sketch, you’ll be prompted to open it locally or share it with the group.

Keep in mind that the system learns over time your behavior, and may not prompt you in all situations.

How to Join

When a user starts SharePlay, the system displays the shared sketch to other participants on the call and invites them to join.
When you choose to join, Mockup opens on the shared sketch.

It’s important to note that with the latter happening on the participating devices, seamless sharing between the members at the same time is sustained.
You can now work together: from brainstorming concepts, and ideating, to sketching and evaluating full project schemes. All while maintaining a smooth and ultimate experience.

What happens after

When the owner of the sketch closes the sketch, the edits made during the SharePlay session are saved on his device.

The session ends for the group, and the other participants are asked whether they want to discard the sketch or save a copy of it.

Other participants are free to leave and re-join the session at any time. Every time they leave, they are prompted to discard or save a copy.