The Drawing Tools Picker

Mockup’s Drawing Tools Set promotes variety to bring your spot-on UI & UX designs to the table.

It includes: a pen, a pencil, a marker, a brush, an eraser, a lasso tool, a ruler, in addition to the color palette.

Before we get into the specifics, it’s substantial to note the following:

Tap on a tool to select it, then tap again to reveal its properties.

Pen, Pencil, & Marker

These 3 tools acquire 2 attributes: thickness and opacity. They can be modified by tapping on the tool.

The Eraser

The eraser comprises either a Pixel Eraser, which rubs out unwanted areas, or an Object Eraser which, deletes the whole stroke.

The Lasso Tool

It is important to emphasize the lasso tool’s primary function and purpose, especially when it comes to its reformed role.

The lasso tool enables diverse operations. It can move, resize, duplicate, clear, recolor, or create an element from any set of strokes.

The lasso tools’ popup contains four options: duplicate, group/ungroup, save, and clear respectively.

  • Duplicate: It comes in handy in situations where repeating a specific element is advantageous.

  • Group/Ungroup: You can group multiple elements together into one element to accomplish a certain task whether to duplicate, move, resize, and so on. In the same manner, you can ungroup them into multiple elements again.

  • Save: Tap the save button on the lasso tool to add your selection to the elements library. It will be discussed in Save Element.

  • Clear: To delete the selection, tap on “Clear”.

How to Put the Lasso Tool to Use:

  • Draw a selection around the desired elements and strokes.
  • Drag the selected object to move. For free resizing, use the handles on the sides. Use the handles on the corners to maintain aspect ratio.
  • To recolor the selected strokes, choose any color from the color palette.

The Color Palette

When designing an interface, the color palette is mainly utilized. It improves the aesthetics of your user interface and aids in maintaining consistency.

The color palette includes a total of 12 different hues. It can display up to 6 colors at a time, with the remaining being accessed by a swipe.

Tap a color to select it, then tap it again to open the full color picker. Swipe for more colors.

Shape Detection/ Ruler

The ruler can be configured to draw perfect shapes or to show the ruler.

Shape Detection

It is necessary to emphasize the significance of shape detection once it’s selected.
You can use shape detection to perfect lines, circles, ellipses, rectangles, and few other shapes.

Shape detection can work in one of two ways using either “Automatic Shape Detection” or “Draw & Hold”.

  • When activated, the newly drawn shapes will take on their respective structures.
  • Alternatively, on your iPad, draw the shape and hold your Apple Pencil in place for few milliseconds for your perfect shape to take place.


Use the brush tool to draw filled shapes.

To obtain perfect filled shapes: Switch on shape detection whilst using the brush simultaneously.