The Drawing Tools

Drawing Tools

The tool picker can be dragged. It can be placed at the bottom, at the top, on the right side, or on the left side as to your personal preference.
The tools includes: a pen, a highlighter, a pencil, an eraser, lasso tool, a ruler, and a color palette.

  • The first 3 tools acquire 2 attributes: thickness and opacity. They can be modified by tapping on the tool.

  • The eraser comprises either Pixel Eraser which rubs out unwanted areas or Object Eraser which deletes the object constructed.

  • The lasso tool is for drawing a free-form border around a selected object. It can be used to move strokes. It offers different selections: Cut, Copy, Delete, and Duplicate.

    It can also be utilized to recolor different object suiting your liking.

    To change the color of any object:

    1. Tap on the lasso tool.
    2. Mark the object.
    3. Assign a color of your choice to it from the color palette found in the drawing tools picker.
      Color Change

  • The color palette is used when designing an interface. It makes your user interface aesthetically pleasing and helps maintaining consistency.
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