The Library

If a certain element is required throughout the design without the constant need to assemble or duplicate it, then Library comes in handy.

Mockup opens up with more than 100 pre-existing elements under “Mockup Elements” and “iPhone Elements” allowing for quick access and a smooth sketching experience.

You can also CREATE your own elements, save and reuse them for convenient purposes in your sketching process.

It is worth noting that elements in Mockup 3.0 can be drawings, images, text, or a group of them.

How to Create an Element

To create an element to the library:

  1. Draw a selection around the “desired element” in the canvas by using the lasso tool.
  2. Select “Add to Library”

A new dialog with a preview of the element to be saved appears.

  1. Name the element and select the set to which it will be added to.
  2. Tap on Save.

Once it is saved in the element library, it can be inserted anywhere anytime.

How to Insert an Element

To insert an element;

  1. Drag the specific element from the Library.
  2. Drop it where desired on the canvas.

Insert Images

With Mockup, you can incorporate images into your sketches.

  • Tap on “Insert Image”. Browse through through your photos and add the image of choice.


  • Drag images directly into the canvas from any app to insert them.

Insert Text

Mockup allows you to add text for a remarkable end-result, whether you want to take notes, write down your commentaries, or add some annotations and remarks. It is even the case if the text is actually a part of the sketch, or literally if it’s the case of mere bad handwriting.

  • Add text by tapping on “text” in the library.
  • Drag text into the canvas from any app to insert it.

A single tap on the desired text allows you to edit it. You can use the lasso tool to resize and move the text box.

Editing and styling text is discussed in “Style Sidebar”.

Insert Symbols

Mockup introduces over 4000 symbols from Apple’s SF Symbols library to bring your sketches to the next level.

SF Symbols can be inserted from the Library sidebar:

  • To open the symbols picker, tap the “star” button.
  • Tap on the selected symbol to insert it into the canvas.

Customizing the symbols is discussed in the "Style sidebar”

Style Sidebar

You can edit your text or customize your symbols using the Style Sidebar.

When you select a single text or symbol object, the Library changes to Style.

Text Edit

Select the text you want to edit. The “Text Properties” of the style sidebar allows you to customize the attributes of the text.

You can change the font, size, styles (Bold, Italic, Underlined), and alignment (left, centered, right, justified).

Customize Symbols

To customize a symbol, use the lasso tool to select it or tap on it with your finger (finger drawing disabled).

The style sidebar displays the properties.

You can alter the Weight, Size, Rendering Mode(Monochrome, Hierarchal, Palette, or Multicolor), Primary Color, Accent Color (for palette rendering mode), Accent Color 2 (for palette rendering mode), and Variable Value.

Resize Elements

Resizing an element is useful in different sketching situations. After inserting the element, resizing becomes possible.

To preserve the ratio, resize the element from the corner.

Once the element has been finalized, you can resize it again. Make use of the lasso tool, which can be found in the drawing tools .

Rename / Delete

Tap and hold on the desired element to open the context menu, which includes the options Rename and Delete. Same thing for Renaming and deleting sets.

Export / Import an Element


Tap and hold the desired element/set then tap export.


  • To import an element set, tap on “import element set” found in the library. Alternatively, you can open the element set file from the Files app.
  • To import a single element, you can open the element file from the Files app and choose the desired set.