Title Menu, Center Items, and the Sidebar

This will cover the title menu, center items, and the sidebar from left to right respectively.

Title Menu

When you tap on the title of the sketch, you can perform the following actions:

  • Share Mockup file
  • Duplicate
  • Move
  • Rename
  • Export

Center Items in the Navigation Bar

The buttons in the middle are the navigation bar’s center items found on both iPad and macOS.

You can insert an image, a text, a symbol, or add frames. You can add a column, a row, or remove empty frames by using the add frames option.

Customize Toolbar

To customize the toolbar, tap the ellipses in the upper right corner, as shown in the image below, and then select Customize Toolbar.

The Sidebar

The sidebar is a means for achieving a continuous sustained work flow and a smooth running process. It enables you to have a flexible sketching experience with the tools it provides, while staying on top of your game when it comes to finalizing and perfecting your projects.

Sidebar for iPad

Buttons on the top-right refer to Library, View Preferences, Gesture Preferences, and Export respectively.

Sidebar for macOS

The Sidebar toggle, located in the upper right corner, opens and closes the sidebar.
Switch between Library, View, and Export at the top of the sidebar.

On the iPhone

On the iPhone, Library and View are found in the bottom toolbar.

Add frames, export sketch, and gestures are found on the top right menu.