Vector application?

Hello Mockup,

I am on the fence purchasing the lifetime membership, which I love having a lifetime membership by the way. I am tired of everything being subscription based!

The only thing is I have a couple suggestions!

One, for the shapes, I like that there is a shape detection…. But can we also have a shape creator, kind of like what you find on Vectornator.

Also I am curious…. Can we also export to svg or like have vector capabilities!

I know this is a mock-up specific app, but it would be so cold if you can do a little more, like really add color to the templates and bring them to life, like a prototype scenario.

I know there are applications like Figma, but I I would rather use this app, and create some mock ups to some amazing prototypes, and maybe have cross platform with a vector editor app like Vectornator, or Affinity.

If the vector stuff is too much, then maybe have a pre shape creator for sure!

Welcome to the Mockup Community!

Thank you for your feedback.
We’re so glad that you love using our app while working on your projects. We appreciate your suggestions and input regarding the shape creator, SVG export, and colored templates.

First off, with the shape creator, we’re actually planning for more improvements in this area. We already understand that the suggestion you gave portrays the ability to choose a shape and insert it without having to draw it.
With that said, can you provide more detail on whether you expect the shape to be part of the drawing or a separate object that can be further customized?

In terms of Vector/SVG, we don’t have such plans for it.

As for bringing color to templates to make them more lively, could you please elaborate on this so that we can understand your requirements more clearly?
This information will help us better understand your needs and determine how we can enhance this feature for you.

Thank you again for your input.