View Preferences

“View Preferences” is all about facilitating the sketching process for you.

All of this and more is achievable with: appearance and grid options.


Enable your preferred light/dark mode as you carry on with your sketches.

The automatic button is determined by the system’s state: dark or light.

Grid Options

Mockup’s customizable grid helps you align, balance and lay your elements smoothly. It structures, guides, and shapes your entire designs for your intended result.

Grid options display the type, spacing, and opacity.

The different types include:

  1. No Grid
  2. Graph Paper-Grid
  3. Dot-Grid

You can adjust the spacing, which possesses 5 options, as well as the opacity of the grid and frame to your desire.

It is important to note that setting the grid style to none hides grid spacing, grid opacity, and snap to grid controls.

Snap to Grid

Mockup’s “Snap to Grid” feature makes it simple to set and establish both size and position. It can be toggled from the View sidebar where Grid Style should be either lines or dots.

When enabled, you’ll be able to Snap to Grid any object (image, text, or element) as you move or resize it. Snap to Grid is also helpful when applicable to drawing shapes.

Drawing Tools & Color Palette Position

Turn on to position of the drawing tools and color palette on the right side (iPad only).