Welcome to Mockup Community

Learn all about Mockup and how to visualize and realize your project!

Mockup is the ideal companion to your design workflow with the fresh approach it takes when it comes to UI & UX sketching on iOS.

Its unique buildup, distinct design, and one-of-a-kind construction serve an important purpose: to aid in the sketching process and assist you in realizing your visions.

All things considered, it is the perfect app to brainstorm and blueprint your next app or web design. Whether you want to ideate, sketch an entire process, or collaborate with a team, Mockup is the app for you.

How to Get Started?

In a series of How to articles, you will learn more about Mockup and its features. This will help setting you up to get familiar with it in a progression that suits your workflow .

Sharing Elements

When it comes to ‘sharing’, Mockup got this covered for you. Sharing elements created by you among other users is as straightforward and facile as ever.

With publishing elements to the Mockup community, you get to access and use elements created by other users, while also allowing them to benefit from yours.
This powerful extension of sharing aids and puts the projects forward.

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