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Mockup redefines the entirety of sketching UI & UX designs to iOS.
With its unique build up, Mockup offers a new take on bringing the creative experience of sketching. It is the perfect app to brainstorm and blueprint app designs.
The distinctive approach that Mockup takes, from initiating a sketch to rendering it out, asserts your project’s momentum and contributes to achieving its full picture.

Mockup’s Attributes

Mockup enables developers and designers to sketch their apps on device templates to visualize their ideas. Various devices’ templates were designed in two orientations to fit their needs. And with Apple Pencil support, sketching has never been more enjoyable.

The canvas starts with one frame and automatically expands as the user scrolls, delivering a flexible experience while efficiently utilizing storage and performance.

Gestures allow controlling the canvas. Zoom in to sketch the finest details, and zoom out for the big picture. Tap with two, three, and four fingers to undo, redo, and toggle the interface respectively.

To keep everything organized, sketches are grouped in projects. Twelve beautiful colors can be set as color tags to your projects for easier recognition.

Sketched mockups can be exported and shared in high quality as PDF or PNG files. All the data is synced with user’s devices over iCloud.

How to Get Started?

In a series of How to articles, you will learn more about Mockup and its features. This will help setting you up to get familiar with it in a progression that suits your workflow .

Sharing Elements

When it comes to ‘sharing’, Mockup got this covered for you. Sharing elements created by you among other users is as straightforward and facile as ever.
Uploading and downloading elements among the Mockup community facilitates the coming together of on’s project. This powerful extension of sharing aids and puts the projects forward.

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